[阅读理解]A new study shows one of the largest glacie①in Greenland is becoming smaller and speeding to the sea faster than scientists expected. If it continues, Greenland itself could become much smaller during this century and global seas could rise as much as 3 feet.
The rates②of change that we’re noticing are much higher than expected. If these rates continue, it is not unlikely that Greenland could shrink③by several te of percent this century. However, it’s not known how quickly this coastal respoe of the Greenland ice sheet melting will have an effect on the vast inland ice.
Greenland is the world’s largest island, covering an area more than three times the size of Texas. Some 81 percent of it is covered by ice, and there are many glacie. Glacie are like slow-moving rive of ice. Where a glacier meets the sea, its weight keeps it firmly resting on the bottom. A glacier’s front is the point where the water is deep enough that the glacier floats.
Since the 1970s, the front of Helheim stayed in the same place. Then it began melting rapidly, moving back 4.5 miles from 2001 through this past summer. It has also grown thinner, from top to bottom, by more than 130 feet since 2001. And over these past four yea, its trip to the sea has sped up from about 70 feet per day to nearly 110.
The melting is driven by a warmer climate. Temperatures in Greenland have risen more than five degrees Fahrenheit in the last decade. Since most of Greenland’s ice is on land, seas will rise as the ice melts. If all Greenland’s ice sheet melted, ocea would be 15-20 feet higher. Nobody expects that to happen anytime soon.
① glacier  n. 冰川
② rate  n. 比率
③ shrink  v. 缩小
1. Which of the following about the glacie is TRUE?
A. Glacie only lie in Greenland.        B. Water in glacie is more than sea water.
C. Glacie sometimes float on the water.  D. Glacie can increase the water level of lakes.
2. According to the text, we know that Greenland ______.
A. belongs to Canada                  B. is the largest island in North America
C. is all covered with glacie            D. is sinking under the sea level
3. Which of the following may be the result of the disappearing of Greenland glacie?
A. the climate of the world will be warmer.
B. the glacie in other area will be bigger.
C. It will be easy for explore to visit the island.
D. Some coastal cities may be under the sea.


Reading Compreheion
  Most British telephone cards are just plain green, but card collecting is becoming a popular hobby in
Britain and collecto even have their own magazine, International Telephone Cards. One reason for
their interest is that cards from around the world come in a wide variety of different and often very
attractive desig. There are 100,000 different cards in Japan alone, and there you can put your own
design onto a blank card simply by using a photograph or a business card.
  The fit telephone cards, produced in 1976, were Italian. Five yea later the fit British card
appeared, and now you can buy cards in more than a hundred countries. People usually start collecting
cards because they are small and light and you do not need much space for them. It is also a cheap hobby
for beginne, although for some people it becomes a serious business. In Paris, for example, there is a
market where you can only buy telephone cards, and some French cards cost up to ? 4,000. The fit
Japanese card has a value of about ? 28,000. Most people only see cards with prices like these in their
collecto' magazine.
1. The fit card for public telephones was _____.
A. British
B. Italian
C. French
D. Japanese
2. Why do people usually begin to collect cards? Because _____.
A. they don't take up much space
B. they have special and attractive desig
C. it's a popular hobby
D. they have a great value
3. Which statement is not true?
A. A lot of British people collect telephone cards.
B. Some cards cost a lot of money.
C. It's easy to keep your cards at home.
D. You need a lot of money when you start collecting cards.
4. What is the best title for the passage?
A. The design of calling cards.
B. The value of calling cards.
C. The market of calling cards.
D. The collecting of calling cards.
England is becoming a tourist country. _____ people come here during the holidays every year. (   )
A. Thousand of
B. Thousands of
C. Five thousands of
D. Five thousands
Welcome to the Blue Moon Beachland!
Check out the COOL things you can enjoy here in the HEAT of August, 2011!

              Week 1
The welcome party in the Boating Club Opening of the Water Park
                Week 2
Fresh seafood at Fishermen’s Market Bike riding along the beach
Week 3
Music shows in moon light
Street dance in Gold Street
Week 4
Cold drinks in Sand Garden
Swimming competition
Take Bus 201, 306 or take a taxi. Call 203-2228888 or surf http://www.blue moon. com for more information.
小题1:What can we do on the Blue Moon Beachland in the fit week of August?
A. Enjoy the welcome party.
B.Go bike riding
C. Have cold drinks.
小题2:When will we enjoy the music shows on the Blue Moon Beachland? '
A. In the morning.         B. In the afternoon.        C. In the evening.
小题3:Where can we have fresh seafood on the Blue Moon Beachland?
A. In Sand Garden.
b. At Fishermen’s Market.
C. In Gold Street.
小题4:How can we get to the Blue Moon Beachland?
A. By bus.         B. On foot.        C. By subway.
小题5:How can we get more information the Blue Moon Beachland?
A. Send an email.
b. Write a letter.
C. Call the phone or surf the Internet.
There is an obvious _______ between children spending too much time playing computer games and their bad grades at school.
iPhone owne are vainer (虚荣) and spend more on clothes and grooming(仪容) than those who have BlackBerrys and Android phones, new research claims.

BlackBerry owne earn the most and are more likely to have long-term relatiohips, while people with Android handsets are most creative and the best cooks.
The study, carried out by TalkTalk Mobile, surveyed 2,000 owne of the three major smartphone brands to determine whether the choice of handset was an exteion(延伸) of their peonality. The study rated use in various walks of life using a point scoring system including peonalities, daily habits and the type of industries they work in.
Other results from the study found that people with an iPhone are more image cocious  and generally rate themselves more attractive than those with other handsets. They are most likely to describe themselves as adventurous, bright and are most likely to work in media, publishing and education. They also believe their boss rates them highly. Apple owne also tend to have done more travelling and are the most active on social media sites.
BlackBerry owne were found to be the least punctual(准时的) ,but despite putting in the least hou at work they are the most active phone user—sending more texts and making more calls in the average day than any other phone user. They are more social and have more friends overall. They also earn nearly two and a half thousand pounds a year more than other smarphone owne, with an average salary of $27,406. BlackBerry use classed themselves so loud and mainly work in the health, finance or property secto. They were also found to drink more tea and coffee each day than any other phone user.
Android owne were found to watch more TV than othe and drink the most alcohol—couming more in an average week than iPhone and BlackBerry drinke. They have the most jobs in engineering, the government and public services and environmental services. They have the best manne and are more shy and relaxed than their counterparts.
Dan Meader, Director of Mobile at TalkTalk, said, “Many of us have our mobile phones on us almost cotantly so they do become an exteion of us in many ways. It’s interesting to see then how the choice in handset may reflect different aspects of peonality and the results do show some unusual differences.”
小题1:What do we know about BlaceBerry use?
A.They work latest.B.They drink most alcohol.
C.They are the highest earners.D.They are values most by their bosses.
小题2:The underlined words “image conscious”(Paragraph4) mean caring about        .
A.incomeB.appearanceC.social mediaD.interpersonal relationships
小题3:What were Android users found to be like?
小题4:Dan Meader may agree that the kind of mobile phone we use           .
A.will decide the way we live our life
B.can be a window into the lives we lead
C.can change our personalities gradually
D.has become the most important part of our life
小题5:How is the text organized?
A.By drawing comparisons.B.By giving reasons only.
C.By providing examples.D.By giving solutions.
Seeing the teacher _______ the classroom, the boy pretended _______ the text.
A.walking in; to readB.coming in; reading
C.entering; to be readingD.entered for; to have read
The match began to ________ in the second half after two playe were replaced.(   )
A.come to an end  
B.come to power
C.come to life  
D.come into being
Britain’s seed bank, the only one in the world aiming to collect all of the planet’s wild plant species, has reached its goal of banking 10 percent by 2010.
The Millennium Seed Bank Project, run by Kew Garde—one of the oldest botanical garde—will officially deposit the 24,200th species on Thuday, a pink, wild banana from China.
More than 50 countries are now on board with Kew's giant task but vast places of the globe, including India and Brazil, still need to join in and donate seeds, director Paul Smith said.                                                                                                                                                            
The seed bank is one of the largest and most divee in the world with more than 1.5 billion seeds. Its goal is to help protect the planet’s bio-diveity during a time of climate change.
The wild banana seed is under threat of extinction(灭绝) in southwest China from agricultural development. It is a vital food source for Asian elephants and important for growing bananas for human coumption.
Stored at minus-20 degrees centigrade, so they can last for thousands of yea, the seeds await the day that scientists hope never comes—when the species no longer exist in the wild.
It is a race agait time, Smith said, because in the last decade alone, 20 plants held in the bank have already been wiped out in the wild. He estimates that between a third and a quarter will become extinct this century.
"It is urgent and it is happening now. An area, the size of England, is cleared of primary vegetation(植被)every year." Smith said.
Because most of the world's food and medicines come from nature, protecting wild plant species is quite important, scientists say. There are already many other seed banks safeguarding food crops, which only account for 0.6 percent of plant diveity.
For Kew's next goal—to collect a quarter of wild varieties by 2020—the botanists need 10 million pounds a year, or a further 100 million pounds on top of the 40 million they have already been granted.
小题1:What’s the final purpose of the Britain’s seed bank?
A.To collect enough money for the project.B.To safeguard food crops.
C.To protect wild plants from extinction.D.To help scientists study wild plants.
小题2:The wild banana seed in China is in danger because of _______.
A.the expanding of farming workB.the climate change in this area
C.the large number of Asian elephantsD.human’s large consumption
小题3: We can learn from the passage that _______.
A.the seeds in the bank can be used now and then all over the world
B.India and Brazil haven’t joined in the Seed Bank Project at present
C.there is only one seed bank in the world at present
D.the wild plants in places like India and China will never die out
小题4: What does the underlined word “it” in paragraph 7 refer to?
A.The extinction of plant species.B.The Millennium Seed Bank Project.
C.Britain’s seed bank.D.Kew Gardens’ next goal.
小题5:Which of the following information isn’t mentioned in the passage?
A.The global partnership of collecting wild plant species.
B.The temperature condition of the conservative wild plant species.
C.The government’s financial support for the seed bank project.
D.Scientists’ concern on the extinct wild plant species.
The English language started about 1,500 yea ago in England. Three groups of people came to the
country.  They were the Angles,  the Saxo,  and the Jutes. These three groups brought their languages
with them to England-After some time, the three languages became one new-language-English. The
name  "English" comes from the Angles. They lived in most of England. "England" mea "Angle Land" or "Country of the Angles".
     The language that we speak today-Modern English-is not the same as the English that people used many yea ago, including Old English(before 1150)and Middle English(up till 1500).That language-Old
English-sounds different, and it has some different rules of grammar. There were only a few thousand
words in Old English. But Modern English does come from Old English, and it is still like it in many
important ways.

1.When did Modern English start?

A. About the year 1150.                                              
B. Before the year 1500.
C. Between tile 12th century and tile 16th century.    
D. About the year 1500.

2.How many languages did Old English come from?

A. One.    
B. Two.    
C. Three.  
D. Four.

3.Which language did the name"English"come from?

A Modern English.     
B. The Angles.
C. The Jutes.
D. The Saxo.
4.According to the passage, Modern English diffe from Old English in_______.
A. grammar  
B. pronunciation
C. words  
D. All of the above
5.Which of the following is TRUE?
A. Modern English has nothing to do with Old English.
B. Modern English has more words than Old English.
C. Modern English has a vocabulary  twice as large as Old English.
D. There is no difference between Old English and Middle English.
On the evening of last Sunday while I was reviewing my lesso in my room, it suddenly began to rain.   1   as usual, I stopped to listen to the rhythm(韵律)of the rain. For many yea, whenever it rai, I couldn’t  2  listening to it and thinking of the garden in which I spent my childhood in my hometown.
When I was a little girl, my family lived in a big house with a big garden in the countryside. The garden was full of flowe and   3 , with some bamboo in front of the wall. Whenever it rained, I    4   to sit in the front of the house, listening to the rhythm of the rain and watching the    5  raindrops.
When small drops of rain fall from the heaven in a row, they    6  a curtain made up of pearls(珍珠); when the raindrops   7   the ground, a lot of small sprays(水花)will splash(溅出)and then disappear slowly.
I have been   8   interested in watching such a scene. Listening to the rhythm of the rain, I feel calm and peaceful in my heart. This feeling of peace makes me think a lot about life. We are the  9   of the earth, and one day we will embrace(拥抱)our earth and stay with her forever. Life is short and we should treasure it.
Listening to the rhythm of the rain, I learn to undetand the     10   of life.

A.Surprised B.Sad C.ExcitedD.Angry
A.leaves B.animals C.children D.trees
A.happened B.wanted C.wished D.used
A.falling B.singing C.fallen D.broken
A.make B.form C.cause D.rise
A.always B.never C.sometimes D.seldom
A.children B.owner C.friends D.master
Idioms are used all the time and unless you recognize when an idiom is being used, what you read or hear ______ can easily be misunderstood
A.spokenB.speakingC.speakD.be spoken
Long, long ago there lived in Greece a king whose name was Midas. He was a greedy man and loved
gold better than anything else in the world.
     One day he asked the God (上帝) to give him still more gold. The God decided to punish him and
said:"Very well, in the morning everything that you touch will become gold."
     He got up early the next morning. When he touched his bed, it turned to gold. He began to dress, and
his clothes became gold. Midas was delighted. The king went to have his breakfast. He took a cup of milk,
but it immediately turned to gold. Then he took a piece of bread, and that also changed into gold. Midas
now began to feel unhappy. It was good to be the richest man in the world. but he was hungry, and he
could not eat or drink gold. He went out into the garden. His little daughter Was there. When she saw her
father, she ran up to him. King Midas was very fond of his daughter and he kissed her tenderly. Then and
there she turned into a golden statue (雕塑).
     Midas was now surprised and sad. He begged the God to take away the Golden Touch.
     The God took away his Golden Touch and everything became natural again. Midas never forgot this
lesson. He knew now that gold did not bring happiness.
1. What did Midas ask the God for at fit?
A. He wanted to become a king.
B. He asked for a gold bed.
C. He wanted to have more gold.
2. What happened the next morning?
A. Everything he touched became gold.
B. The God gave him gold milk and bread.
C. He can't find his golden daughter.
3. Midas was unhappy because _____.
A. his bed became gold
B. his clothes became gold
C. his milk and bread became gold
4. The Chinese meaning of the underlined word "greedy" is _____.
A. 高大的
B. 富有的
C. 贪婪的
5. Which of the following is true?
A. The king had a wonder breakfast the next morning.
B. The king had nothing for breakfast the next morning.
C. The God gave the king much gold the next morning.
Mr Wang comes into Class Three. The bell is ringing. He wants to teach English lesson. Mr Zhang comes and asks
him to go to the headmaster's(校长) office. He must go to have a meeting. Mr Wang says to the students, "You study
youelves, please. I will be back soon." Mr Wang comes back. He sees Zhao Yang talking with his deskmate (同桌)
Qian Jie. Mr Wang is angry.
     "Stand up, Zhao Yang," says the teacher. "What are you doing?"
     "I'm reading English now," says Zhao Yang.
     "What's in your hand? Please look at it carefully," says the teacher. Zhao Yang looks at it. Oh, it's a history book.
He looks at Qian Jie's hand. There is an English book in his hand. He has an idea and smiles. "I'm sorry, Mr Wang.
Qian Jie is holding(拿着) an English book and I'm holding a history book. We are studying the history of England."
1. Mr Wang is __________ teacher.
A. a math
B. an English
C. a Chinese
D. a history
2. Mr Wang comes to the office for a __________.
A. rest
B. dinner
C. meeting
D. seat
3. Zhao Yang and Qian Jie are __________.
A. teache
B. twi
C. brothe
D. classmates(同学)
4. Mr Wang and Mr Zhang are in the same __________.
A. school
B. factory
C. shop
D. office
5. Zhan Yang is __________ when the teacher comes back from the office.
A. writing
B. reading
C. talking
D. running
Our city is becoming nicer. Look! There are many trees and flowe on _______ sides of the streets.
A. all                                                    B. each                                                    C. both
In the past few yea there ______ great changes in my hometown. (   )
A. have been
B. were
C. had been
D. are
Because it was the bank’s mistake, there was no delay ______ my account.
A.being reopeningB.reopeningC.to reopeningD.to reopen
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