[单选题]--- How can I use iPhone 4S ?
--- Just refer to the _______.
C.preparations D.directions


His private actions are in direct __________ with his publicly expressed opinion.
The boy was made to    the explanation(解释,说明 process of explaining) .
Some questions may come to you during the interview, but you can and should make good preparations ________.
A.by designB.in advance
C.in personD.by chance
Without the earth’s atmosphere to protect them, astronauts can be exposed to intense radiation from the sun, ____ them at risk of cancer.
A.to leaveB.leavingC.having leftD.left
Education expees are going up, so many parents ______ some money for their children's future
education.(   )
A. set aside      
B. set out        
C. set off      
D. set about
She had prepared carefully for her English examination so that she could be sure of passing it on her first ________. 
The conference will be put off until next week, _______ we will have made all the preparations.
A.whichB.in whichC.whenD.on which
Chris is not a traditional explorer(探险者)- he usually works in an office for a large organization. Yet his job can sometimes be just as exciting and dangerous as being an explorer.
Chris works for MSF, an organization also known as Docto Without Borde (无国界医生). MSF sends trained docto all over the world to help people after a war or a disaster. Chris is a doctor from France who has travelled to many places to organize programmes that help people.
At the moment, there are over 27,000 trained medical staff taking part in MSF projects and tasks. The organization received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999. All kinds of docto can volunteer for MSF. They need to be prepared to go almost anywhere in the world and, of coue, they should expect difficult conditio. Docto with experience in tropical(热带的)diseases are especially useful because most of MSF’s work is in Africa. When MSF accepts a doctor for a task, he has to go for at least six months. When docto have completed a few tasks, they might be sent on an emergency task following a disaster, such as an earthquake.
But why would a doctor leave a comfortable life and a good salary to join MSF? According to Chris, the experience you gain is a great help in your career. Besides, just like the explore of the past, you need to keep an open mind and learn to mix well with the people you meet. Most importantly, at the end of each task, you have made a real difference to people’s lives.
小题1:Does Chris work for a large organization?
小题2:When does MSF send trained docto all over the world to help people?
小题3:How many medical staff are taking part in MSF projects and tasks?
小题4:What kind of docto are greatly needed in Africa?
小题5:According to Chris, why is his work important to other people?
小题6:Why is an MSF doctor’s job exciting and dangerous?
Though Michael had made enough academic preparations, _____ experience led to his failure in the job interview.
A.lacking B.lacking ofC.lackD.lacked
The Red Cross is an international organization which cares for people who are in need of help. A man in a Paris hospital who needs blood, a woman in Mexico who was injured in an earthquake, and a family in India that lost their home in a storm may all be aided by the Red Cross.
The Red Cross exists in almost every country around the world. The world Red Cross organizatio are sometimes called the Red Crescent, the Red Mogen Daid, the Sun, and the Red Lion. All of these agencies share a common goal of trying to help people in need.
The idea of forming an organization to help the sick and wounded during a war started with Jean Henri Dunant. In 1859, he observed how people were suffering on a battlefield in Italy. He wanted to help all the wounded people regardless of which side they were fighting for. The most important result of his work was an international treaty called the Geneva Convention(日内瓦协定). It protects prisone of war, the sick and wounded, and other citize during a war.
The American Red Cross was set up by Clara Barton in 1881. Today the Red Cross in the United States provides a number of services for the public, such as helping people in need, teaching fit aid and providing blood.
小题1:A good title for this passage is     .
A.People in Need of Help B.Safety and Protection
C.The International Red CrossD.Forming an Organization to Help People
小题2:The word “aided ” in the first paragraph means     .
小题3:The author really tries to make the reader see that this organization     .
A.costs very little moneyB.works in many nations
C.teaches first aid if necessaryD.is called the Sun
小题4:We may draw a conclusion (下结论)that      during a war.
A.the Red Cross only protects the wounded
B.the Red Cross only helps prisoners of war
C.the Red Cross only helps citizens
D.the Red Cross helps all the people in need no matter which side they are fighting for
Your children’s teacher will be providing extra time for test preparation. This school year’s test will be held on January 8 and 9. The test preparation time is open to all students, and we strongly encourage your children to attend.
This year we are changing the time for our test preparation: it will be on Thuday mornings from 8:10 to 8:50. This helps children who ride the bus and cannot stay for the after-school period. It also helps avoid conflicts with after-school activities.
Danielle and Marina will be working with the recent new test take 6 days on the following Thudays: 15th, Nov; 29th, Nov; 6th, Dec; 13th, Dec.; 20th, Dec. and 3rd, Jan.
Besides the test preparation lectures on these dates, teache are already putting test preparation into their usual coues. We are finding that we can help our students to be both skillful and whole-hearted reade and test take — after all, we all know that the best test preparation is good reading and writing training.
What can you do at home? Again, the best and most effective test preparation for the ELA test is reading and more reading. The research is quite clear — students who do well in the tests are those who are good reade. Reading not only builds reading ability, it also helps build confidence — important for successful test taking! But do discourage your children from spending too much time on books that are too hard or even a bit too hard. Children best develop compreheion skills when they are reading books just right for them (too easy doesn’t hurt here either).
Finally, on Friday, December 7, we will have a morning lecture on the ELA. Please pay attention!
小题1:The text is mainly about ________.
A.how teachers will provide more time for test preparation
B.the reason why time for test preparation will be changed
C.how teachers have put test preparation into their usual courses
D.test preparation information that parents should know about
小题2:The time for test preparation has been changed to _________.
A.make it more convenient for the students to attend
B.help the new test-takers have more time to read
C.avoid disagreement in time between different years of students
D.avoid conflicts between preparation time and the usual courses
小题3:From the passage, we know that ________.
A.Danielle will help students prepare for different tests
B.the school year test will be on a Tuesday
C.all the children must take part in the test preparation
D.the students can learn how to write well in the test preparation
小题4: Parents should _____ at home.
A.prepare good meals for their children
B.read more books with their children
C.ask their children not to spend too much time on reading
D.encourage their children to read more books fit for them
小题5:Why did the school encourage all the students to take part in the test preparation?
A.Test preparation is what they always do.
B.The students will learn what will be included in the final exam.
C.Test preparation helps students to be more interested in reading and confident.
D.The test is a long way off and there are better things to do.
_____ can help to indicate different expressio. (   )
A. Homophones  
B. Emotives
C. Acronyms
D. Chatline
Directions: Write an English composition according to the instructions given below.      人类已经进入一个崭新的世纪,不同的人有不同的幸福观,China Daily正在中学生中进行幸福观
     注意:① 必须阐明自己对个别观点的看法。
               ② 必须说明自己的观点。
               ③ 词数100左右,开头已给出,不计入总数。

Students Possessions (拥有)Benefits
SomeMoneyBuying and doing anything
Some HealthEnjoyment
Some                   Wealth from parents    Free from work
     Happiness mea different things to different people _______________________________ 
Considering the injuries he’s had there can be little          of him winning the race.
With the national college entrance examination approach, many students are so worried about the coming exam to fall asleep at night and even suffer from mentally illness.It's a fairly common phenomeon among us students.Here is some effective methods for you to adopt.Fit of all,you should spend a plenty of time prepare for the test.Secondly,it is no need to feel nervous when you have some bad emotio, I think take a deep breath is a helpful way to reduce your stress.Last but not least,you ought to believe youelves and keep a good state of mind.Follow my tips,but you will overcome your exam anxiety.
In summer people often wear dark glasses as ______ against the bright sunshine.
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