1. 我做那件工作感到很吃力。(difficulty)
2. 她选出了搭配那件衣服的鞋子。(pick out) 
3. 她非常幸运免于受伤。(fortune) 
4. 那个村庄被大雪封闭,与外界隔绝了。(cut off) 
5. 他们贫困得根本谈不上度假。(badly off) 
6. 听到这个消息我们很震惊。(astonish)
7. 她说她是一个不成功的经理。(failure) 
8. 他小心地在冰上滑行。(slide) 


The disability makes everyday life difficult and________society should treat________disabled with
dignity and respect.(   )
A. the;  the
B. /;  the  
C. a;  a  
D. the;  /
_______ difficulty we meet with, we must finish it on time, because the opportunity is_______ valuable.(   )
A. Whatever; such
B. However; such
C. However; so
D. Whatever, that
_______ difficulty we meet with, we must finish it on time, because the opportunity is_______ valuable.
A.Whatever; suchB.However; suchC.However; soD.Whatever, that
76. She had difficulty ___(发表) a speech before a large audience.
77. Tony got praise from his teacher  today, for he usually               (表现) himself at school.
78.They are all a________ worke who will be awarded for their hard work.
79.Free medical treatment kept him alive t      another year.
80.So far,since our research has not produced any awer to this problem,we need to
use a different a      to it.
81.Only when Jim made a call to say they'd already arrived safely did I feel at      (放松).
82.The earthquake left thousands of people h____.
83.The jacket was r ____ from 100 dolla to 75 dolla.
84.We must not rely on imports but on ___(出口产品).
85.V ____  goods are on show at Christmas in western countries.
1. It's difficult for univeity g_________ to find good jobs these days.
2. Who made the __________(决定) for you, your father or your mother?
3. Your advice is of great v_________ to me. Thank you very much.
4. My mother bought a _________(手提包) for my grandmother.
5. I don't think the black shoes m_________ your white trouse.
The fourth-grade at Chicago’s McCormick Primary School are unaware of the difficulty in learning Chinese. For most, who speak Spanish at home, it’s becoming their third language. They’ve been learning and using Chinese words since kindergarten, and it’s now second nature to give a hearty “ni hao” when strange enter the classroom.
The classroom scene at McCormick is unusual, but it may soon be a common fixture(固定物) in American schools, where Chinese is rapidly becoming the hot new language. Government officials have long wanted more focus on security—useful languages like Chinese, and pressure from them—as well as from business leade, politicia, and parents—has driven a quick growth in the number of programs.
Chicago itself is home to the largest effort to include Chinese in US public schools. The program here has grown to include 3,000 students in 20 schools, with more schools on a waiting list. Programs have also spread to places like Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, and North Carolina. It’s true that the number of students learning Chinese is tiny compared with how many study Spanish or French.
Advocates see knowledge of the Chinese language and culture as a help in a global economy where China is growing in importance. “This is an interesting way to begin to engage with the world’s next superpower,” says Michael Levine, director of education at the Asia Society, which has started five new public high schools that offer Chinese. “Globalization has already changed the arrangements in terms of how children today are going to need to think about their caree… The question is, when not whether, the schools are going to adjust.”
In Chicago, the trend extends beyond schools with high numbe of Asian students. “The fact that my students are 98% low income and 99% Latino(拉丁美洲人) and they are succeeding in this, tells me everyone should have a try at learning languages,” says Virginia Rivera, principal at McCormick. “We want to give our young people opportunities to advance… and Chinese is a great opportunity to survive in today’s economy,” says Richard M. Daley, Mayor of Chicago.
小题1:The underlined word “Advocates” in the text probably mea”              .
小题2: How many languages are mentioned in this passage?
小题3:In the last paragraph, the underlined word “this ”probably refers to _____.
A.the competition between Latino and Asian students
B.the global economy
C.the interesting way to engage with China
D.the Chinese learning
小题4: What CANNOT be learned from this passage?
A.Most students at McCormick can speak three languages.
B.Chinese is gaining its popularity in all schools in Chicago.
C.French has far more speakers than Chinese does in Chicago.
D.Globalization in a way makes it necessary to learn Chinese.
小题5:Which of the following is mainly about in this passage?
A.The Chinese learning in Chicago.
B.The ways to learn Chinese.
C.McCormick Primary School.
D.Globalization and Chinese learning.
When you have difficulty in learning new words, you can ____the dictionary.
A.look upB.turn upC.turn toD.turn over.
It's wise of you to__________your father's advice when you come to any difficulty.(   )
A. ask  
B. seek
C. try  
D. attempt
---Though I met with one difficulty after another, I _____ to get through with it.
--Congratulations to you!
He has difficulty in remembering lines,but      he is a good actor
A.in additionB.all in allC.as a result D.at most
Being a _______person, Miss Li wouldn’t let anyone or any difficulty stop her.
A.stubborn B.reliableC.concernedD.determined
No one can imagine the difficulty he had _______ his son to get rid of the habit of playing computer games.
A.persuading B.to persuadeC.persuaded D.persuade
He iisted on continuing the scientific experiment ________ all kinds of difficulties.(   )
A. despite of  
B. in spite of
C. itead of  
D. even though
She is _____a growing number of Chinese people who find it increasingly difficult to find time to
read every day.(   )
A. between
B. among
C. during
D. through
It has been difficult to sit on the bench the majority of my high school basketball career,to watch my team from the sideline and  36 why I am not good enough to be on the floor.  37 endless hou of work and devotion, pushing myself through drill after drill, the  38  thing I want is to be a cheerleader. The feeling of being  39  is sometimes too much and drives me to  40  on the spot. I often feel as though my efforts are wasted and my time is eaten away, devoted to  41   .
It is heartbreaking to be a spectator(旁观者) for the game I love,knowing that no one has enough  42  to give me the chance to  43  on the floor. Tea well up, but I hold them back. I shouldn’t be so  44  over something so silly.
Away from the game, it’s easier to put my thoughts together,  45  letting my emotio drive my reasoning. I coider  46  I am where I am. I have played football my whole life. I have a passion for the  47  and always have. There is nothing like the excitement of  48  : the swish of the net, the sweat rolling off my cheeks, even the bruises(青肿) are battle wounds worn  49  after every game.
Even if I don’t play much, I participate in every  50 . I am part of a team of girls who  51  together like a family. I am there for them,  52  they are for me.
Should I move on? Or should I stay with my team and puue my passion just a little longer?
The decision isn’t difficult when I coider the  53  that being a part of a team brings me --- and not just any team,  54  my team. I love basketball and my teammates. When I think about that, my view from the bench really isn’t so bad  55  .

A.less than B.more thanC.other thanD.rather than
A.proudlyB.bravelyC.unfortunately D.painfully
A.decision B.planC.gameD.project
A.above all B.after allC.and allD.all in all
The song sounds_________. I like it very much.
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