[单选题]——Why are you walking so quickly, Edward?
——There_____a talent show in ten minutes.
A.will haveB.will beC.is going to haveD.are going to be


It’s ______to send an e-mail than a regular mail.
A.more quicklyB.much quickly
C.much quickerD.quick
After a _____ breakfast, Lily goes to school.  (   )
A. quick        
B. quickly      
C. more quicker    
D. quicking
When I was walking past the window, I noticed Wang Fei ______ my homework. I really got  ______.(   )
A. copying, annoyed
B. copying, annoying
C. copy, annoyed
D. copied, annoyed
— You are speaking too fast, Mr. Huang. We can't follow you.
— OK, I will speak more _____. (   )
A. quickly
B. easily
C. slowly
完形填空。     It was a cold winter day that Sunday. The parking lot to the church was   1   up quickly. I   2   as I got
out of my car that fellow church members were whispering among themselves as they walked to the   3  .
     As I got closer I saw a man leaning   4   the wall outside the church. He was almost lying down   5   he
was asleep. He had on a long coat that was in   6   and a hat topped his head,   7   down so you couldn't see
his face.
     He wore shoes that looked 30 years old, too small for his feet, with   8   all over them, his toes   9   out.
I assumed this man was  10 , and asleep, so I walked on by through the doors of the church.
     We all  11  fellowship for a few minutes, and then someone brought up the man outside. People gossiped,
but no one  12  to ask him to come in, including me. A few moments later church  13 . We were all waiting
for the Preacher (传教士) to take his  14 , and to give us The Word,  15  the doors to the church opened. 
 16  came the homeless man, walking with his head down.
     People whispered and made faces. He made his way and up onto the pulpit. When he took off his hat and
coat my heart  17 . There stood our preacher…he was the "homeless man."
     No one said a word…the room was  18 .
     Then the preacher took his Bible and laid it on the stand. "Folks, I don't think I have to tell you  19  I'm
preaching about today." They he started singing the  20  to this song:
     "If I can help somebody as I pass along, If I can cheer somebody with a word or song.
     If I can show somebody that he's traveling wrong, …"
(     )1. A. filling     
(     )2. A. looked      
(     )3. A. car         
(     )4. A. below       
(     )5. A. even if     
(     )6. A. rags     
(     )7. A. taken       
(     )8. A. scratches   
(     )9. A. stuck       
(     )10. A. careless    
(     )11. A. continued   
(     )12. A. bothered    
(     )13. A. reported    
(     )14. A. turn        
(     )15. A. when        
(     )16. A. Out         
(     )17. A. broke       
(     )18. A. silent      
(     )19. A. where       
(     )20. A. sentences   
B. piling      
B. watched     
B. man         
B. opposite    
B. as if   
B. order       
B. pulled      
B. water       
B. left        
B. stupid      
B. reminded    
B. pretended     
B. stopped   
B. power       
B. before      
B. Away        
B. beat        
B. empty      
B. what        
B. words       
C. picking     
C. observed    
C. church    
C. beyond      
C. in case    
C. pieces      
C. fallen      
C. holes   
C. put         
C. homeless   
C. enjoyed     
C. failed      
C. performed     
C. place       
C. while       
C. In          
C. shocked     
C. smooth      
C. which       
C. phrases     
D. putting    
D. noticed    
D. wall       
D. against    
D. so that    
D. trouble    
D. held       
D. dirt       
D. run        
D. lazy       
D. discussed              
D. happened   
D. began      
D. hat        
D. until      
D. Up         
D. sank       
D. calm       
D. why        
D. expressions
_____ you are familiar with the author’s ideas, try reading all the sections as quickly as you possibly can.
A.Now thatB.Ever sinceC.So thatD.As long as
— You look scared. What happened?
— Well , I _______ along the street ________ the UFO landed.
A.was walking ; whileB.is walking ; when
C.was walking ; whenD.is walking ; while
The Harvard Student—led Walking Tour
Let a student show you Harvard···on a free walking tour.
We welcome our neighbou to stop by the Harvard Univeity Events&Information Centre,
located in the Holyoke Centre Arcade at 1350 Massachusetts Avenue in the heart of Harvard Square in Cambridge.
Let a student take you and your family, school,or organization on an engaging,hour-long free historical tour of the Harvard Campus. The tou leave from the Events&Information Centre.Not only will you discover the location of fascinating exhibition and programme on campus,you will also see Harvard’s rich sampling of American history and architecture from the Colonial period to the present.
Schedule of Tou
Tou leave the Events&Information Centre at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, and at 2 p.m. on Saturday through the academic year (February4 through May 2;September 23 through December 16).Summer tou(June 24 through August 15)are offered at 10 a.m.,11:15 a. m.,2p.m.,and 3:15 p.m. Monday through Saturday.Reser—vacatio for special tou of 20 or more people may be made by calling the Events&Information Centre at (617)495-1573 or emailing icenter@ camail Harvard, edu. Tou are suspended March23 through April2 for Spring Break.May3 through June23 for Spring intercession(祷告),and August16 through September 22 for Summer intercession.
NOTE:Prospective(未来的)students may take tou originating at the Harvard Admission Office, located at Byerly Hall on 8 Garden Street in Cambridge.From April through August,the Admissio staff conducts an information session at l0a.m. followed by an 11 a.m. tour.Monday through Friday On Saturdays.there is no information session but the 11 a.m.tour is still scheduled.Another session is held year-round at 2 p.m. with a 3 p.m. tour following. For more information on tou for prospective students,please call at(617)495-1551.
Harvard Univeity Events&Information Centre
Location:Holyoke Centre Arcade.1350 Massachusetts Avenue,Cambridge MA 02138
小题1:A peon can join in a tour at ________on Saturday through the academic year.
A.10 a.m.B.2 p.m.C.11:15 a.m.D.3:15 p.m.
小题2:If you want to go for an information session, you can go on __________.
A.May 2B.June 23C.August 20D.September 1
小题3:A student who wants an information session may _________for more information.
A.call (617)495-1573B.call (617)495-1551
C.email icenter@ camail. Harvard.edu.D.go to the Events&Information Centre
小题4:The above ad.is mainly intended for________.
A.foreign visitorsB.freshmen
C.high school studentsD.those living near Harvard University
It takes me two hou______to the mountain.      (   )
A. walk        
B. walking    
C. to walk      
D. walks
Look at the bridge! It _____ ten yea ago. (   )
A. built
B. had built
C. was built
D. was building
Actions __________ walking and drinking are quite difficult in the moon.
A.for exampleB.such asC.includingD.liking
--- Peter, you       the window quickly, will you?
--- OK! Oh! The window        broken.
A.shut; isB.will shut; has been
C.are shutting; wasD.have shut; has been
It was a cold evening and my daughter and I were walking up Broadway.I didn’t notice a guy sitting iide a cardboard box.But Nora did.She wasn’t even four, but she  36  at my coat and said, “That man’s cold, Daddy,  37  we take him home?”
I don’t remember my reply.But I do remember a sudden  38  feeling iide me.I had always been delighted at how much my daughter noticed in her  39 , whether it was  40  in flight or children playing.But now she was noticing  41  and beggary.
A few days later, I saw an article in the newspaper about voluntee who picked up a food package from a nearby school on a Sunday morning and  42  it to an elderly peon.It was quick and easy.I  43  us up.Nora was  44  about it.She could undetand the importance of food, so she could easily see how  45  our job was.When Sunday came, she was ready, but I had to  46  myself to leave the house to fetch the food package.On the way to the school, I fought an urge to turn  47 .The Sunday paper and coffee were waiting for me at home.Why do this?  48 , we phoned the elderly peon we’d been appointed.She  49  us right over.
The building was in a bad state.Facing us was a silver-haired woman in an old dress.She took the package and asked us to come in.Nora ran iide.I unwillingly followed. 50  iide, I saw that the apartment belonged to someone poor.Our hostess showed us some photos.Nora played and when it came time to say good-bye, we three hugged, I walked home in tea.
Professionals call such a(n) 51  a “volunteer opportunity”.They are opportunities, and I’ve come to see.Where else but as voluntee do you have the opportunity to do something  52 that’s good for othe as well as for youelf? Nora and I regularly serve meals to needy people and  53  clothes for the homeless.Yet, as I’ve  54  her grow over these past four yea, I still wonder ------ which of us has  55  more?

. .To answer correctly is more important than   _______    .
A.a quick finishB.to finish quicklyC.finishing quicklyD.you finish quick
完形填空。     A small boy was walking    1    a street in London. His name was Tom. It was a cold winter day in
1900.    2     he could not have breakfast or lunch. He didn't have any money. His father died (死了)
when he was very young. His mother was often ill, so she couldn't    3    Tom and his brother, Mike.
Both of them had to work to help their mother. He was small but his dream (梦想) was very    4    . His
wish was to be a famous actor. He worked very hard to sing and dance     5   .
     One day, a man came to him and asked, "    6    in my film?" " Certainly." he answered. And he did
his    7    in it. Many people said, "We have never seen such an    8    film. "Thirty years    9     this boy
was among    10    famouspeople in the world. He made many interesting films, and lots of people
admired him.
(     )1. A. along     
(     )2. A. This day  
(     )3. A. take care 
(     )4. A. small       
(     )5. A. good      
(     )6. A. Are you act
(     )7. A. better    
(     )8. A. interested
(     )9. A. latter      
(     )10. A. the most 
B. for        
B. That day   
B. looked after
B. big        
B. well                    
B. Will you act
B. good       
B. interests  
B. ago        
B. more       
C. with       
C. Today      
C. take care of 
C. far         
C. beautiful          
C. Would you  
C. best         
C. interest   
C. later      
C. most    
D. to         
D. To this day
D. looks after
D. long       
D. wonderful     
D. Will you   
D. well       
D. interesting
D. before     
D. the more   
The girl sat there quite silent and still with her eyes _______ on the wall.
A.fixing B.to be fixedC.to be fixingD.fixed
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